SAN-EI TECH is presenting diverse products including ergonomic manual syringe for
occasional use, air-powered bench top dispensers for repetitive assembly process,
pneumatic dispensing valves for automated production lines, and a new multi-axis
positioning system for semi automated dispensing stations.
With these products, users can upgrade their capabilities without
taking up floor space or spending extravagant cost.

Please download the product catarogs for detailed information.

SDP Series Dispensers
SDP Series Dispensers Precision Dispensing systems that can be successfully installed in a wide range of industries
Whether you apply adhesives, lubricants or any other type of fluid, SDP series dispensers can provide absolutely consistent deposits. Vacuum control and TEACH function as standard features let the operator establish a reliable dispensing process leading to high-yield and high-speed production and reducing manufacturing costs.

SV Series ValvesSV Series Valves
Precision Valve systems featuring durable and reliable operations with low maintenance
With superior durability and accuracy, SV series valves provide very reliable dispensing solutions with low maintenance finely applied to individual applications.

S.E.T. Dispensing ComponentsS.E.T. Dispensing Components
Wide range of components available for specific application needs
S.E.T. dispensing components, precision molded and easy to use, for the most accurate dispensing result with high product quality.

Quick installation and easy dispensing of materials pre-packed in tubes or cartridges
AUTOTUBE system allows you to dispense any tube or cartridge type materials without refilling to other containers by using a special reservoir with air pressure.

Rotary Tubing Dispenser SRD150Rotary Tubing Dispenser SRD150
Consistently apply small amount of low viscosity cyanoacrylate
Rotary tubing dispenser SRD150 allows users to extend the tube life and reduce generating bubbles inside the fluid feeding tube by a unique rotary mechanism.

Desktop Robot 2000N seriesDesktop Robot 2000N series
Enhanced Robot lineup allows users to maximize production efficiency
Desktop Robot 2000N series allow the user to establish very accurate and repeatable dispensing processes with precise positioning function.